Find If The Barrel is More Than Half Full?

Go through the hints in the riddle and leave your answers in the comments section.

There is a barrel with no lid and some wine in it.

“This barrel of wine is more than half full”, says Mark.

“No, it’s not”, says Steve. “It’s less than half full.”

They do not have any measuring instruments with them.

They cannot remove any wine from the Barrel

How can they determine who is correct satisfying the above conditions?
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Guess Jain Bhagvanto Ke Naam Ke Sath Judda Riddle

Pehli Bar Jain Bhagvanto Ke Naam Ke Sath Judda Riddle by Keval Jain (Nagda) 1) सुगंधी लाकडु + नानी छोकरी ने कहॆवाय :: महावीरस्वामी नी प्रथम शिष्या ------------ 2) बॆ संख्या नी प्रथम संख्या + घोडा साथॆ जोडॆल वाहन ::अॆक राजानु नाम -------- 3) हवा … [Continue reading]

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