Collection of Riddles

This section contains interesting Riddles. These are statements or questions or phrase having a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved.

Jab Kaato to Nai Naveli?

Bujho Bhaiya Ek Paheli
Jab Kaato to Nai Naveli?

Aana bhi kharab aur jana bhi

Aisa kon hai
Jiska aana bhi kharab aur jana bhi kharab

6 letter word

Solve this riddle

1) I am a 6 letter city.
2) 6 5 and 3 letter is beverage
3) 1 is a kind of drink
4) 2,3 is popular freedom fighter name starts

10 letter Indian city

Solve this Riddle

I am a 10 letter Indian city.
4,5,6 letter is an educational degree.
10,6,9 is a part in the face.
1,2,4,5 is used in the hair
5,6,7 is used in the cricket

Again 101% brain work? Reply ….

Amazing gift to daughter

A person gives gift to her daughter saying, eat it if you are hungry, drink if you are thirsty and burn if you feel cold. What is the gift ?
–In Hindi–
papa ne apni beti ko vidai me gift diya aur kaha ki pyas lage to pee lena bhukh lage to kha lena aur sardi lage to jala lena.ans batao its a challenge

I will be a form of crime

Solve this riddle:

I am a word of five letters!
People eat me! I am available in 2 colors
If u remove my 1 letter i will be a form of crime
If u remove my first 2 letters i will be name of animal
If u remove my first 4 letters, i m vowel
Answer if u r mastermind!

solve this, Let’s see how smart u really are!

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