Collection of Riddles

This section contains interesting Riddles. These are statements or questions or phrase having a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved.

8,9,1,11 letters represent the residence

I am a 11 letter word.
My 8,9,1,11 letters represent the residence.
7,2,9,5 is the place where we can swim
1,4,5,11 is a unit of distance
10,9,3,6,5 is an international prize
2,9 letters are same
6,11 letters are same
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5 letter boy/girl name

I am a 5 letter boy/girl name.
My 1st letter and australlian national animal 1st letter are same.
2 3 4 5 letter makes a country name.
3 4 2 5 letter makes a farmer happy.
Can u guess?

I live in kitchen

I’m a 6 letter word.
I live in the kitchen.
My 6,2,1,4 letter makes a very hard thing.
2 & 3 letter r same.
My 1,3,4,5 letter makes a drink.
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Ek Phool hai Kale rang ka

One flower of black color

Looks good on head

It likes sun light a lot

But not the shadow

What is it?

–In Hindi–

Ek Phool hai Kale rang ka
Sir par hamesha suhaye
Tej Dhoop me khil khil jata
Par chaya me murjaye?

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