Collection of Riddles

This section contains interesting Riddles. These are statements or questions or phrase having a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved.

Letters 7 to 10 mean tail

I am a 12 letter word
Letters 1 to 4 mean shout at the top of your voice!
Letters 7 to 10 mean tail!
Letters 11-10-3-4 mean trade!
Letters 9-10-6-7 mean an animal!
Letters 5 to 8 mean calfs cry!
What am I?

6,7,8 is an educational degree

Pls crack your head
It is an Eleven letter word

6,7,8 is an educational degree
5,9,1 is related to geometry
11,10 is an educational degree
2,3,4 is a lamp
5,1 is also related to electrical
Who am I? Tell me answer

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