Correct the spelling

mind game – correct the spelling

Mind Game:
Every question has 10 marks,
Pass marks 60.


Q.1.yeonkwr (a city)

Q.2. sirasu (a country)

Q.3. uelrbpm (profession)

Q.4. utegno (body part)

Q.5. egnlarefridsi (vegetable)

Q.6. aechhet (animal)

Q.7. epialnpep (fruit)

Q.8. Letbkslaba (sports)

Q.9. Coremusit (celebrity)

Q.10. Rtephoilce (vehicle)

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1-newyork 2-Russia 3-plumber 4-tongue 5- ladiesfinger 6- cheetah 7- pineapple 8- basketball 9- tomcruise 10- helicopter

Answers by Ganesh R

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