Hacker Puzzle

What to do – How to solve ?

To solve this puzzle you have to think like a hacker!

You will have to find secret files by guessing their names and then change the file name in the URL in your address bar (where you type www.puzzlersworld.com).

Hints are provided to help you in initial levels.
Good Luck.


You can discuss the puzzles in the comments section below.
If you know the answer, please don’t spoil it for others, If you want to help, provide hints.


  • geekerebos

    any hint for level 6

    • puzzlersworld

      @8008f00865985dc88d1ac416bf83bde9:disqus , next week day :)

    • noor sohi


  • ankur

    any hint for level 7

    • shweta

      different languages

    • ankit bijlwan

      relation between 7 and sept in difrent

  • assassinateur

    took me 2 hours to finish it it was so cool but there one problem

    you cant enter pages whit name start with capital litter

    ex : test.html work Test.html dont work

    • puzzlersworld

      @abb91bc61e092ad9d46265f9c992cbc6:disqus , Great you liked it, thanks for the feedback, we will see if we can do something about it.

      • madhu

        What is the 19th


        any hint????

        • vilash99

          eighteen -> fjhiuffo (next alphabet)
          nineteen -> :)

      • dawn

        Level 10…nueve…hint plzzz

        • fivebee

          Try translating in spanish

  • vilash99

    please give hint for level 7, “sept”, i tried all possibility, but not getting..

    • suganth97

      do you know french??????????……..thats the clue

      • Ankit Ankey

        amazing???? it hs been tken a long time bt doday i make it

      • Amlan

        no i don’t know french

    • Muthukumaran Selvaraj

      Try with “pluto”.. i completed all levels..

  • chaoticGame

    hint for level 14, “pierce”?

  • RinRouge

    Any hints for level 14 pierce?

    • Chin

      it’s a name.. of a famous man

      • Guest

        help for level 14 please

  • Shashank Madhav

    stuck at level 20 help out

  • Guest

    any hint for level 5.?

  • shruthi

    stuck at level 22..any hint??

  • yoyo

    any better hint for on 7 it says

    • Shobha

      number in forgen

  • yash

    stuck at level 22..any hint??

    • puzzlersworld

      try doing calculation to get result as 23 while maintaining symmetry

      • Prj123

        plz give some more hint… for page 23

        • puzzlersworld

          2*X – X = 23, figure out X

          • Senthil

            But this is possible only when x is 23, as because we are multiplying by 2. For eg 2x=x+x and x+x-x=x always.so for 23 as ans x must be 23….obviously… but den y its nt working? 2*23-23.html?

          • puzzlersworld

            replace * by small x

          • Prj123

            ohhhhh………!! did it……… last Q was amazing…!!!

  • mathy

    help me 4r 10th page… nueve

    • mathy

      I found:):)

      • Santosh Vijayan

        can i get any hint for 10th page nueve??

        • Santosh Vijayan

          i found ;)

      • dawn

        Help me level 10 nueve….any hint

  • mathy

    wat abt 14????????????

    • Shobha

      US president

  • salim

    all levels are successfully completed

    • puzzlersworld

      Great, congratulations !!!

    • Dipesh

      Any hint for level 14

  • michelle

    Any hints for page 18


    • puzzlersworld

      Think in terms of bits

    • Shobha

      binary numbers

  • shweta

    i did it…….yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VK

    I did it.. It’s kool.. I enjoyed alot..

  • nai

    hint for 25?

    • wowzer

      alphabet letters

  • raj

    any hint for the 14 level….?

  • Abhishek

    stuck at 14, any help ?????

    • WTF


  • WTF

    peace of shit.. no logic at all… at level 15 tell me how come word “buchanan” is used?

    when page number14 shows word “pierce”.. how to guess?? shitty stuff

    • wowzer

      14th president is pierce, succeeded by buchanan

  • khushi

    need help for 11

    • fivebee

      Pattern oOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO

  • kala

    11 plz

    • fivebee

      odd lettered position lowercase,
      even lettered position BIG!!!!!!!!

  • sowndarya

    thirteen level coming blank
    can you help

    • Shobha

      take your mouse in the middle of the page

  • sowndarya


  • Shobha

    completed all the 26-levels

  • Rinkon

    yahooooo i just completed it …….it was awesome……had so much fun and learn a thing or two maybe but i had a great time solving it

    • Mir Sahib

      mor magi
      amio complete korlam 1 hrs 37 min

  • mirsahib

    did it within 1hrs 37 min

  • Amit Mundra

    Done it

  • Danny

    hint for level 6

    • John

      Look at how the word is spelled.

  • anand

    hint fr page 11 plss

    • rashi

      try it with jack

  • Aashish Singhal

    Any hint for level 8 in says neptune

  • Aashish Singhal

    any hint to go to 9th page 8th says neptune

    • fivebee


  • Aashish Singhal

    i have just cracked the puzzle yippeeeeee……………

  • ankit bijlwan

    wow at last i made it without asking it took more time bt intresting is there other puzzles lyk this then plz advice m

  • Anish

    any hint for level 5??

    • lol


  • Asma


  • Asma

    i done it

  • Vishnu Goel

    Really liked it!! Superb! Awesome!

    • puzzlersworld

      Glad you liked it :)

      • Vishnu Goel

        Please keep me updated (Y)

  • ranjan

    hint for 8

  • Brion

    On level 7 for me, it said “sat”, not “sept”! Is something wrong?

    • Bizzness1


  • Sukaniya Rajsekhar

    Hint for quindecim at page 15?

    • fivebee

      try foreign languages

  • Syed Shahid

    Stuck on level 25. Any hint?

    • Hoopla

      Someone said something about alphabet letters.
      Can I have a hint for 24?

  • Berrybirju

    Yeahhhhh, Completed all the levels. heyyyyyyyyyy



    • fivebee

      SATurday ->SUNday

  • Dipesh

    Hint for level 14 ?????

  • indhu

    any hint for 13th level it said 144

    • lol


    • sushil


  • vinash

    hint for level 13 … black screen

  • lol

    hint for level 5-eevviiff??

    • fivebee

      six=ssiixx xxiiss

  • lol


  • Tanner

    getting black screen on level 13.. any clues..

    • fivebee

      scroll your mouse and it says ‘number13′.

  • Karthik Kachibhatla

    Any hint on 22nd level

    • fivebee


  • rock

    hint for level 14 it says pierce….

    • fivebee


      • sushil

        it not taking Franklin Pierce in any combination

  • Sharon Sandeep

    wow completed

  • zahid


  • sameer

    any hints for 2 puzzle /???

    • fivebee

      its easy! three

  • Antony Ananias J

    Superly… Cracked…

  • nike

    level 10

  • pa

    hint for level 14

  • sushil

    completed but i think few queion are not logical like black means barak obama

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