6 sawal 6 challenges

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Collection of these 6 very interesting riddles

  1. Who’s birthday does not came every year?
  2. What does not get dry in sunlight, it even grows?
  3. Which fruit is sweet but still not available for sale in market?
  4. What brakes as soon as you name it?
  5. What is that which runs without legs and never returns back?
  6. Which fish can not swim in sea?

Above questions In Hindi

  1. Kis Shakhs Ka Birthday Har Saal Nahi Aata?
  2. Dhoop Me Kya Chiz Nahi Sukh Sakti?
  3. Kon Sa fal Mitha Hone Ke Bawjud Sale Nahi Hota?
  4. Konsi Chiz Hai JisKa Naam Lo to Wo Tut Jati Hai?
  5. Wo Kon Hai Jo Bager Pair Ke Bhagta Hai or lot Kar Nahi Aata?
  6. Kon si Machli Samandar me Nahi Tair Sakati?
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  1. The one who is born on 29th Feb.
  2. Sweat (Paseena)
  3. The fruit of patience (Sabra ka fal mitha hota hai)
  4. Silence
  5. Time (Waqt)
  6. No Clue, put your answer in comment.

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  • mahnoor rehman

    dead fish (mari hoi machli.)

    • menaj


    • http://google.com vidushi

      oh mister you answer is wrong

      • Nitin Bisht

        ‘selfish’ can’t swim

  • arpit

    selfish – cannot swim

    • charchitcharchit tiger

      I am selfish but i can swim.

      • johnnie

        can u spend ur whole life in water without sleeping u fool.

        • aarush

          Question dhang se padhle kya likha hua h fooooool . ….. 😀

      • Raavan

        mental sale

  • Arun ks @ jammu

    6. Selfish

  • rocky

    Jal bin machli

  • sam

    salfish cannot wisdom

    • sacho satram

      Star fish guyzzz

  • Aniket Panchal

    sweet water fish is not swim in sea water

  • Lavimanasi

    Gurnard fish

    • http://google.com vidushi

      what is gurnard fish

  • johnnie

    ya ryt SelFish…….

  • soumya

    1.the man who born on 29th feb
    3.patience(sabra ka fal meetha hota hai)
    4.the word break itself

    • http://google.com vidushi

      you are amazig

    • Nitin Bisht

      4.- silence

    • Adhya Jha

      Kya Selfish Pond or River Tair sakta hai?

      1st see the question carefully.

      “Which fish can not swim in sea?”

      • chetan

        the question is only about sea
        we don’t have to think about river and pond…

      • sanjay

        dead fish

    • Rashmi Mehra

      Gud answr

    • Rashmi Mehra

      Can u explain me the 4th answr logically

    • Mohammad Shariq Khan

      4th – khamoshi(silence)

    • ankit pandey

      Really Awesome answer

    • Deepak

      I think the answer for second should be Shadow (Parchayi).

  • Baibhav

    namkin pani me magarmach sayad swim nahi karta

  • tushar kathane

    Mari hui machali…..

    • http://google.com vidushi

      mari hui machali samundar mai hee kya wo toh pani mai hee nahi swim kar sakti hai

  • http://google.com vidushi

    somya your all answers are correct

  • http://google.com vidushi

    ab sirf yahi sawal solve karte rahoge kya

  • http://google.com vidushi

    chalo mai ek sawal puchhti hu where is amstadam

    • abinash purohita

      It is the capital of NETHERLANDS…. & its spelling is not amstadam its amssterdam..

  • Saurabh

    6 SilverFish(It’s an insect),or

  • Shubham Srivastava

    dead fish is the answer for 6 ques.

  • Akash Kulkarni

    6th- dead fish(mari hue machli Tair nahi sakti)

  • suresh deshmukh

    6-dead fish

  • rana rizwan

    1st=a man who born on 29 february
    6th=mari hoi(dead)

  • Gouri

    so nice
    love it….