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This is a trend to challenge friends and family member on whatsapp groups to crack some small riddles, everyone wants to answer first, though we are pretty much sure, that you will be able to crack them after giving some thought, but just in case you need help, this page is for you. also you can help others by answering unsolved riddles.

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First four letters suggest power

I am a 10 letters word.
The first four suggest power.
You eat my 5, 6, 7 and 8.
My 8, 9 and 10 represent a female.
I can also fly.
What am I?

It’s challenge,,

Which you enjoyed in childhood

Guess this 5 letter word which you enjoyed in your childhood.
First 3 letters: You type this to get to most of the websites.
Last 3 Letters: You speak in it to sing or communicate.
Last letter: You do this every day while you are awake.

shahad se zyada meetha

Sweeter than honey,
Hotter than sun,
King needs is,
Beggar has it,
One who its it will die,
What is it?

1-”SHEHD”se ziyada meetha ,………., hai

2-”SURAJ” s ziyada garm ,………., hai

3-”BADSHAH” ko ,………, chahiye

4-”FAKEER” ke pass ,………, hai

5-Jo ,…….., khae ga wo mar jae ga,?

In sab sawalon me ek hi jawab aayga.
Bataen wo kya hai?

Guess Body Parts

Let’s see who is a genius here:
Guess The Body Parts
1. A Thing That A Carpenter Use
2. Something That A Shoe Has
3. Name Of An Airlines
4. Excess Of Anything
5. Symbol Of Love
6. Defense People Base Known As
7. An Animal Like Rabbit Which Runs Fast
8. An Evergreen Tree Of Warm Region
9. One Side Of A Coin
10. Looks Like Walnut
11. Something That A Table Has
12. What Do U Call Yourself
Example: 1. Nail

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