Welcome to the Puzzlers World. To solve this puzzle you will have to find secret files by guessing their names.
HINT - This is page number one. That should be pretty obvious, because it has the numeral "1" above. But there's a problem... there is no link to page 2! How on earth will you find page 2 without a handy link taking you to it? You have to think like a hacker! To get to page 2, you'll have to play around with the web address (URL) of this page. Change it a little, then go there. OR you can enter the next word in the box below (i.e 2 for this one)

If you're right, you'll get the next page. If you're wrong, you'll get an ugly error message.
Try to think in other languages too. Google Search will make it easier.

Hacker Puzzle, by Genius Fools