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As you might have seen, we are now providing a CLICK TO COPY AND WHATSAPP button for whatsapp puzzles with emoticons to you. we tried to use existing plugin on wordpress to achieve this, but unfortunately we did not find any good plugin which looks good, works well and handles all browsers(mobile + desktop), so we decided to do it ourselves, and while we did it, we decided to help others by hosting this plugin.

Copy To Clipboard – mobile + web plugin for whatsapp

This is the plugin to copy text to clipboard on click of a button on desktop browsers and mobile web browsers. It usage flash to auto copy on click of the button, for the browsers where flash is not available, it shows the popup with pre-selected text and user can copy it easily.
– Flexibility to change caption, width, height of the button.
– Option to add a suffix to copied text, by default suffixes your blog url.
– Option to call a javascript method on click of the button, by default sends Click event to your Google Analytics account.

It usage LMCButton, http://www.lettersmarket.com/view_blog/a-3-copy_to_clipboard_lmcbutton.html to copy text using flash and http://www.featureblend.com/javascript-flash-detection-library.html to detect flash.

Checkout the plugin on wordpress @ http://wordpress.org/plugins/copy-to-clipboard-mobile-web/

Installation Instructions

  1. Upload the `pw-clipboard` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory or use plugin search – Admin > Plugins > Add new > Search for ‘Copy To Clipboard – mobile + web’
  2. Activate the Plug-in
  3. Add a the shortcode to your post like so: [ pw-clippy caption=”Copy”]Text to Copy goes here[/pw-clippy ], remove space between bracket and pw-clippy text
  4. Test that the this plug-in meets your demanding needs.
  5. Rate the plug-in and verify if it works at wordpress.org.
  6. Leave a comment regarding bugs, feature request, cocktail recipes on this page.

More configurations

  1. caption, default value=>Copy
  2. width, default value 100
  3. height, default value 25
  4. js, by default sends event to your google analytics account, you can pass empty string to avoid this.
  5. suffix, by default appends “via <your blog url> at the end, you can pass empty string to avoid this.


Screenshot for flash buttons, works on almost all desktop browsers, tablets

Screenshot for flash buttons, works on almost all desktop browsers, tablets

Screenshot for no flash buttons, (on mobile browsers).

Screenshot for no flash buttons, (on mobile browsers).

Screenshot for pop-up, opens on clicking no flash button

Screenshot for pop-up, opens on clicking no flash button

  • ed

    I was wondering if you can also make the button link to another web page or site?

    • puzzlersworld

      Yes you can do that using js option, pass the javascription function name in this. this method will be called when user clicks on the button, you can open the new link in the method

      • D3

        I don’t understand it. Could you answer me this question?

        And help me make it done? Thank you very much.

        • puzzlersworld

          Sorry for the late reply

          You can call any javascript mehtod like this, however there is no way to change the text and color etc.

          [pw-clippy caption1="Text1" js="onCopy('http://xyz.com')"]Text to copy[/pw-clippy]

          Now you can define this method in any javascript file or in your header.php

          //You might need to change this implementation

      • D3


      • mounika mano

        How can i do this please help

      • mounika mano

        Hello please help on this, ho to do it

  • Sam

    How can we use this code in the JS file? Please reply….

  • Jonas

    Hi there!
    I have some trouble by using the plugin. I want to copypaste a function for excel.
    Problems are concerning this symbol: ”
    I have to rewrite it in excel if it should work correctly. Because there are different translations of ” in excel, depending on what kind of symbol I use, I don’t know how to do it in the right way. Can someone help me?

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